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Made in Brazil product boasts plant-based nutrients for soft, healthy and shiny hair.

Nurturing the body and the home from healthy living to clean eating to all-natural household products has become a widespread trend. Consumers are more in tune with reading labels, mindful of harsh ingredients and constantly influenced by global social trends. As the focus is onnourishing the body, homes and overall lifestyles, EKOEH, a Brazilian hair food color cream brings non-toxic nourishment and coloring to hair.

If already nourishing the body with healthy, clean foods, why not do the same with hair? EKOEH is an all-vegan, cruelty-free, semi-permanent hair color and conditioning treatment designed to feed and strengthen hair while covering stubborn gray. The natural hair dye is ammonia free, paraben free, resorcinol free, fragrance free, lead free, GMO free, BPA free and soy free; this is often what consumers look for in other household products.

The ingredients are simple, but their power is strong. Made in Brazil, the country is home to many exotic fruits and rich in biodiversity. Brazilians make the most of their nutrient-rich surroundings and ultra-wholesome fruits, which is the perfect parallel for hair and skin. The treatment is up to 90 percent naturally-derived with a nutrient-dense Certified Organic botanical complex, protein and Certified Fair Trade shea butter.

EKOEH goes beyond what is inside the bottle and wants to rethink hair coloring from the inside out. All product packaging is recycled and is 100 percent recyclable. Gloves used for color applications are biodegradable and bottles are BPA free.

“Honoring the Earth’s resources is not a trend,” says Vinicius Vasconcelos, founder and CEO of EKOEH. “Eliminating our carbon footprint, using and re-using recyclable materials, sourcing organic plants for our products, supporting fair trade and cooperative agricultural communities – these are the disciplines that are integral to our business process.”

EKOEH natural hair dye is currently available in six color shades including black, dark brown, chocolate, light brown, golden brown and mahogany. It is suitable for all hair types including chemically-treated hair and results last through eight shampoos.

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