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Community Impact: Why Fair Trade and why BARAKA Shea Butter Supplies?

Baraka believes that business can and should be a force for good, integrating social value, business value, and environmental stewardship.

Working with Women & Communities

Working with women and communities is core to Baraka’s very purpose. It permeates all we do from one end of our value chain to the other.

Baraka has a full-time presence in northern Ghana with our local team. Wayne travels to Ghana several times a year and spends as much time as he can in the communities where we work and with the people we work with.

Baraka Shea Butter was founded on the belief that business can and should make positive impacts on society and be an effective steward of the environment, while at the same time making business profits. Positive impacts on the women, communities and families we work with and caring for the environment are tightly integrated into our business model. This concept is core to Baraka’s purpose and permeates how we operate and all that we do from one end of our value chain to the other.

All Baraka Shea Butter is community certified fair trade, meaning that we pay a premium price for our shea butter and work with the women and community to identify and support additional development efforts and priorities. We meet annually with the producer groups to review our activities from the prior year learn their development priorities for the coming year. It is important that we learn how Baraka can continue to support them (in addition to the income they earn from their work producing shea butter).

Every purchase of Baraka Shea Butter has a direct impact on hard-working women and families in northern Ghana. We believe in creating value chains that make a difference, from the women who make Baraka Shea Butter all the way through to the consumers who use products made from it.

We actively work to educate our entire value chain and help our customers integrate the community impact into their marketing and promotions. This can help their business and help their customers understand the important impact shea butter has on the women and families that make it.

For more on our founding principles and our work with women and the community, read the message from our founder.

At Baraka, we enjoy working with our producing partners to help them with their community and development priorities. Your purchases from Baraka directly support development for the communities and families in Northern Ghana that produce our products in areas such as:

For additional information, click here.

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